Southwest Montana Intranet


There are multiple opportunities to list your business for free on the Southwest Montana tourism website. Please review all the opportunities listed below and sign-up today. It's free, and it's easy!

Directory Listing on Southwest Montana and Montana Office of Tourism Websites
To find out if you qualify for a free listing, please call the Montana Office of Tourism at 406-841-2788, or click here. If you do, you will receive survey forms and instructions on how to send photos for your free listing on, Southwest Montana's website and other websites with data provided by the Montana Office of Tourism.

Homepage / Community Pages
As a member, you can have your business featured on the homepage and within your community page(s). For more information and to sign up to be featured on the site contact

Facebook / Twitter
Southwest Montana currently has both a Facebook page and a Twitter account. If you’d like the region to post information about your business, upcoming events, etc. contact for more details.

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